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Valorant Split Guide-Split returned to VALORANT as one of its flagship maps with Patch 6.0. It features one of the smallest mids available.  Therefore, precise positioning is crucial on this compact map. Riot has recently introduced ascenders to their map. The game provides players with miniature ladders to scale walls and reach high spots more quickly and safely. It is an excellent solution for snipers or duos looking for an edge in competitive play.

Asymmetrical nature-Valorant Split Guide-

Split is one of the few maps designed for more than just defending or attacking Spike Sites; its small size crams in many tight corners and choke points, necessitating good team coordination and plenty of map knowledge to complete quickly.

The map also features ropes that enable players to climb and descend from elevated areas, giving an additional advantage if used strategically for surprise attacks against enemies by hanging from one.

Skye excels on this map with her intel-gathering and flash abilities, helping her easily navigate the many tight corners of Split’s mid-lane. Her signature ability, “Guiding Light,” also provides added defensive strength against sites. Sage is another agent renowned for her defensive prowess on this map; with Slow Orb and Barrier Orb, she can slow attackers down while blocking entry points more effectively than Skye.

Ascenders-Valorant Split Guide-

Ascenders are ropes that enable players to ascend or descend the terrain more efficiently and quickly. They are common on many VALORANT maps and particularly prominent on Split due to their asymmetrical design.

Due to its compact nature, teams may struggle with scouting on this map; therefore, selecting an Agent composition that complements attacks and defense is crucial. Mid-control agents like Raze or Sage may assist attackers, while ranged heroes with vision-blocking capabilities like Omen can be invaluable tools for defenders.

Split returns in VALORANT Episode 6 alongside its new map Pearl. Now is an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with its intricacies, callouts, and strategies! For more information, check out Twinfinite’s guide on Valorant Episode 6, which will go live Tuesday/Wednesday, along with many other pieces of content to get you up and running in this new season.

A Site

Riot Games recently removed Split from Competitive Valorant queues after Pearl launched, but the map will return sometime during early 2023. Our Valorant Split guide can provide all the callouts and tips necessary for mastering this Tokyo-inspired battlefield.

The A site is small but boasts several sharp right angles that create brutal close-quarters combat. There are numerous ledges for defenders to hide behind, and it isn’t easy to clear without sufficient utility.

Riot’s changes should assist attackers by eliminating some annoying defender angles to clear. Furthermore, B Main now hosts a new Spike plant location, separating two vertical 50/50 angles from which defenders could sneak in.

B Site-Valorant Split Guide-

Riot Games recently brought back Split as part of Breeze and Bind, and its future metropolitan setting offers attackers and defenders different advantages in combat.

The B Site is a large power generator situated at the heart of Split’s shopping district with multiple layers of security measures, including a massive power grid and two guard towers.

Agents like Jett or Omen, who can scout early for enemies and destabilize pushes like Reyna or Raze, are ideal agents to use here.

Middle Site

Riot Games designed this map’s center area to connect both sites via mail and vent, making it difficult to rush. As such, Split requires excellent enemy analysis as well as exceptional ability use for success to advance successfully.

Riot Games announced changes to the map in their Patch 6.0 announcement. It is for Competitive Queue when returning next week for Competitive Queue, making the map less asymmetrical and simpler to play. When playing Split, it is essential to communicate with teammates and listen out for audio cues. They are such as when players run through A Sewer or use ropes – these changes should help make gameplay smoother and less chaotic!

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