What is BlueStacks? Android Emulator Guide and Safety Tips Explained!

What is BlueStacks? Android Emulator Guide and Safety Tips Explained!

Smartphones and their applications are a great help for our daily life. But have you ever thought of any android application you want to use on your computer? There are many applications available that will work better if they were on a computer or laptop. Well, in this blog post you will read about BlueStacks, an android emulator which helps you to use android applications on your personal computer.

There are a huge variety of android applications and games available on (but not every application) which can be used as desktop applications. Moreover, if you are using a MAC then still you can run an android application without any problem.

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What is BlueStacks? 

First thing first, what is BlueStacks is? It is software for computers (both Mac and Windows) that help to install and run the Android Operating System – the latest version). These BlueStacks help those applications to adjust according to your computer and make features to use them with help of your keyboard and mouse.

Furthermore, the best thing about this android emulator is it will help you to multiple apps concurrently as well as multiple instances of the same application. Not just applications but you can play games on BlueStacks which provide plenty of features along with playing them on your Personal Computer. For example, you can stream android games on your computer which is quite easy on PC but not on android.

Most people have a computer with a good CPU and GPU in it but a low-end smartphone, in that case, BlueStacks is a much better option. Because according to your computer specification – BlueStack increases or you can say boost the Graphics performance and Quality of the game. As I said, you can plenty of games in different varieties, like MOBA (mobile legends, Arena of Valour), Battle Royale Games (like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile), and much more with high quality, graphics, and frame rates (FPS).

Requirements to Run BlueStacks on Your PC?

What is BlueStacks? Android Emulator Guide and Safety Tips Explained!

Now, you know that this is but the next big thing is How to run this software? And What needs to run this software on Your Computer? Well, in this section you will get the minimum PC requirement to run this software without any problem.

Well, to use this software on your PC you need to check the specifications of your PC. Then you need to become the administrator of your PC to install and use this software. However, BlueStacks latest version is BlueStacks 5 so make sure to download the assets to get better, bug-free features, and new tools.

Minimum Requirements for Windows: 

  • Windows 7 and Above
  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • Need at least 4 GB of Space to run BlueStacks
  • Graphics Drivers (Microsoft of other chipset vendors)

Recommended Requirements for Windows: 

Above mentioned requirements are minimum which means you can run BlueStacks 5 on them but it doesn’t mean it will work smoothly. That’s why we recommend you to install this software at recommended requirements to use it to its full extent.

  • Microsoft Window 10
  • Inter or AMD Multi-Core Processor > 1000
  • Intel, Nvidia or another Graphics Card with a Benchmark score of more than 750.
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM or higher to get better performance
  • Prefer to use SSD, but HDD is still fine.

How to Download BlueStacks on Windows?

If you match the requirements then it’s time to download, install, and run BlueStacks on your computer. So, follow the given steps below which cover from download to setting up your BlueSacks software.

Step-1: First, visit the official website of BlueStacks to download it. Open your browser and type BlueStacks.

Step-2: Now, get the Download button “Download BlueStacks” and then your bowsers ask permission to download.

Step-3: Downloading the whole file will take a few minutes but if you face any problem then follow the steps again from step one.

Step-4: After completing the download, follow the regular procedure to install it on your computer. Furthermore, you need to select the Customize installation to allot a proper location for BlueStacks installation. The installation time depends on the specification of your computer and when it’s done move to the next step.

Step-5: After completion of BlueStacks installation, it will automatically start in a new window and ask for sign in.

Step-6: Congratulations, the BlueStacks software is installed on your computer. Now, you just need to log in and start using it!

Is BlueStacks Safe to Use? 

As we know BlueStacks is a great software that helps you run android apps without any problems. However, before installing the biggest question asked by users is “Is BlueStacks Safe to Use or Not?”

However, there are some precautions needed to maintain BlueStacks security and privacy. Well, this software is a legitimate PC software for both Operating Systems and it is developed by a major company and their skilled developers. To keep it safe you need to keep it original, in other words, only download BlueStacks from its official website to avoid something fishy.

Furthermore, if you download BlueStacks from any website except their official ones then you might face some installation problems. In many cases, system anti-malware utilities block the BlueStacks Installation because they think it is harmful to your computer. Additionally, if you use the official website or source, then it is the best and safest installation procedure.

Even emulators like BlueStacks are legal to use, and they are protected by national laws which permit to run and use of these types of applications for everyone.


Android OS is one of the most popular OS in the smartphone market and rapidly growing every year. Additionally, their applications and games are also becoming part of daily life, if they are then life will become difficult for most of us.

Furthermore, Emulation makes things more easies and cross-platforms. Many applications would work better if they were PC software, and BlueStacks makes that true.

Let me know in the comment section if you have some kind of problem or doubt related to BlueStacks, and if you want then surf through our website to get the latest applications for free.

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