WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit Extended; Read Details Here


WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit Extended and More: On Friday, a new Tweet by WABetaInfo (a credible WhatsApp data miner) announced a feature update in WhatsApp. According to this update, the WhatsApp group call participants limit is extended to 32 participants. In this blog post, you will read about this feature update of WhatsApp and many other upcoming updates. 

WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit: New Feature and Update

WhatsApp is one of the most social media messenger apps with billions of downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store. When someone talks about productivity then again WhatsApp takes the first rank on the list. This individual application allows you to share all types of files with a few clicks. 

And WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit the developer is always inventing new features. And updates to match the pace of modern times. Like you can even transfer money with WhatsApp. And you don’t need to use any other application like Paytm or PhonePay. WhatsApp is not inventing new features but also improving the old ones like voice and video calls. If you want to know more about the Group Call feature update and other upcoming updates then keep reading our blog post. 

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WhatsApp Group Voice Calls Limit is 32 Participants

You must read the heading again because many people confuse this news with video call participants. According to this news, the update is only for group voice calls and not for video calls. For more info you can read the official statement by WhatsApp Developers: 

WhatsApp Developers write “group voice calls now support up to 32 participants, and include an updated interface with a social audio layout, speaker highlight, and waveforms.” Also, WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit are many new small updates or you can say feature begins updating in the apps. 

The amazing thing about these small features is that they first show up in iOS and then Androids. Good for all iOS users because there are many beta programs like WhatsApp Group Poll and the forward message is only running for iOS. Sorry but Android users need to wait a little longer to experience the latest WhatsApp features. 

One Final Note

Furthermore, WhatsApp Group Call Participants Limit is not the only Group feature that is rolling but many more features. As you can read in the above statement about Group polls and forward messages. In other words, get yourself ready for more Group updates in the future by WhatsApp Developers. 

If you are an iOS user but still not able to use these features then make sure to check the version of your app. Or you can directly go to the App Store and try to update if possible.