WhatsApp Browser Extension for Security: Everything You Need to Know!

WhatsApp Browser Extension for Security: Everything You Need to Know!

When we talk about the best social media then applications like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp take the first spot on the list. Moreover, in the ocean of social media, some applications are mobile-first. For example Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Well, in this blog post you will read about some new updates from WhatsApp about security and WhatsApp Browser Extension new features.

Recently they released a new browser extension that will help users to make their web experience more secure. As we know, WhatsApp contains one of the biggest user bases in the world. However, a huge audience also comes with a list of attacks or cyber security problems.

In recent years, there have been thousands of cases where WhatsApp has become the world’s most hacked application. But to keep things in balance the developers are also trying hard to cope with it. For this reason, they came up with an extremely useful tool – Browser Security Extension. If you want to know more about this new WhatsApp Extension feature then keep reading this blog.

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What is WhatsApp Browser Extension for Security?

As we know now the only way to use WhatsApp on our computer is through QR Code scan. But from now on a new extension is going to add in the browsers to keep track of WhatsApp security. You must install this new WhatsApp extension if you use WhatsApp Web frequently because it can save you from random attacks.

Furthermore, the main work of the WhatsApp Browser Extension is to check the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web. Well, What does that mean and matter to you? To learn about this you need to understand the type of threat WhatsApp users face while using it on the web. WhatsApp and user login that fake WhatsApp. It will allow hackers to get your Phone Number and access your personal WhatsApp.

To protect the users WhatsApp came up with a WhatsApp Browser Extension that checks and lets you know about the fake WhatsApp Web. The name of this extension is Code Verify which is open source retention. It’s not made by WhatsApp Developers but also by the magnificent programming team of Cloudflare.

Moreover, the Meta who is the current owner of the WhatsApp Messaging Application also states that this Code Verify Extension will help users in the Security experience. The main purpose for making this extension is to draw a clear path between the users and WhatsApp Headquarters.

WhatsApp Group Polls

Along with the WhatsApp Browser Extension, a new feature is going to be added to WhatsApp. Recently, WABetaInfo, which is quite a popular news site, released a report about a new feature. This feature will allow users to cast a poll within WhatsApp groups (like Telegram). However, the format of the poll and the number of options is still not available. Many of you can say almost all other social media have the poll feature and it is also quite beneficial in many ways.

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