WhatsApp Forward: Not allowed to Forward “forwarded” Messages!

WhatsApp Forward: Not allowed to Forward “forwarded” Messages!
WhatsApp Forward: Not allowed to Forward “forwarded” Messages!

If you use WhatsApp daily for your regular use then must know about the Forward feature. This feature allows users to forward or resend particular (or multiple) messages. However, now after the latest WhatsApp update, you will not able to do it anymore. In this blog post, you will read about the latest feature or restrictions which will stop forward messages.

When it comes to features of WhatsApp then the list is quite long but a few features take the first spot. One of these features is the share and forward feature which allows you to share messages instantly. But many people use this feature for a bad purpose like propaganda and speeding fake news. Normal users believe everything which comes from WhatsApp forward; moreover, share that fake information with everyone.

Furthermore, Forwarding messages become quite easy when you have just clicked of few buttons. But according to the new feature (or update) you cannot share or forward the (Forwarded) messages to more than one. If you want to know more about this forward update topic and other details then keep reading this blog.

WhatsApp Forward: Why this Restriction?


The WhatsApp comes with a new update that restricts the circulation of messages (for better use). One of the most popular features forward is no longer available for more than use. For example, till now users can share a message with all of their contacts. However, from now you can’t share a message which is already been forwarded once more than once.

Furthermore, this feature is not officially available but running the beta for both operating systems. Android v2.22.7.2 and WhatsApp beta for iOS v22.7.0.76 can use the feature of WhatsApp Forwards for only one group. If you are in a beta plan for WhatsApp (which you can join with help of Google Play Store or App Store) then you will get the restriction notification.

Yes, whenever you will try to send a message (or Forward) that is already forwarded then you’ll get the restriction. This forward feature is not just for groups but also single chats. If you will try to share (or try to forward) a message then you will not able to do it with more than 5 people.

You cannot share the same message with more than 5 people at a time but you need to do it multiple times. This feature will kill your products but it’s good for a better society and a healthy society.

People mindlessly use this feature to share and spared fake information with everyone around the world. So, we like you to support this feature and try to understand the good side of this update. And for more news and updates about WhatsApp and other social media keep reading our blog.

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