WhatsApp Group Polls for iPhone Users and Preview links for Desktop!


As we know, WhatsApp is working on many new features which are going to come in the future. For example, Forward message limitation, Group Polls, and Desktop Preview. In this blog post, you will read about 2 out of three upcoming features which are WhatsApp Group Polls.

All around the world, WhatsApp messenger is the most popular messaging application. Moreover, it’s not just available for smartphones but also for Web and Desktops. The biggest factor which makes this application popular is its productivity features. You can send multiple types of media with a few clicks of your device.

When the world is moving forward then how can we expect WhatsApp to stop at one place? Yes, to match the pace of the modern world its developers are working on different features and updates like WhatsApp Group Polls . They are not just working on WhatsApp Messenger for mobile devices but also for Desktops and Web.

You can read in our previous post about the new update which will allow users to connect WhatsApp Web with up to 4 different devices. Moreover, you did not need to keep your devices connected to use the features. You can disconnect and use it until you switch off the desktop or are currently using an application.

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WhatsApp Group Polls for iPhone Users

Yes, you read the title of this blog post right (iPhone users can use the Polls feature). This feature is only available for iPhone users and not for any other platform or OS. For example, it’s not even available for iPads and Desktop yet.

The Group Poll feature will allow users to ask a Poll within the group with different voting options. It is one of the productive features to get the views of other members on a topic. Till now people are using third-party drives like Google and many other applications for polls.

But the fact is WhatsApp is not creating something new or making something latest. WhatsApp Group Polls features are already available on its rival platform Telegram and many other messaging applications. It’s not the only feature that is coming late in WhatsApp but many more like Stickers, reactions, and website previews.

Preview Links for Desktop

Another feature that is going to come in Desktop (and pretty late) which allows you to preview links. Although, this feature is already available on mobile devices but takes time to come in the Desktop version.

If you are part of the Beta program of WhatsApp then you know about the reaction and WhatsApp Group Polls features. But if you are not then you need to wait a little longer or a month to get access to these amazing updates. Last but not least, you should keep in mind that in the upcoming days WhatsApp is going to come up with a ton of features which is going to change the whole WhatsApp scenario.

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