WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp Message Reactions for Beta Testers!

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp Message Reactions for Beta Testers!

Recently the popular online messaging application WhatsApp Messenger is going to release a new update for beta testers. If you take a look at some recent updates of WhatsApp like Group Pools, Stats, and many more. Then you will realize that WhatsApp is adding some already existing features from other social media applications. In this blog, you will learn about the latest update by WhatsApp which is the WhatsApp Message Reactions feature.

In recent news by one of the most popular websites, The Verge announced the Group Poll feature. Moreover, before that, we get updates of stickers and many more updates like these. The thing is that WhatsApp is now making or adding similar features to other messaging applications. For example, All these features are already available on messaging social media like Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The current feature which is also quite helpful is going to be the WhatsApp Message Reactions. As we know, this feature is already available in all social media like Facebook Messenger, Instagram,  and even on Telegram. But WhatsApp has its marketing point which gives it the time of best Social Media of All Time. Well, if you want to read more about this messaging feature and also the process to use before the official update then keep reading this blog.

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WhatsApp Message Reactions for Beta Testers

The beta is a program where some users get access to use the latest update and features before the official release. WhatsApp also has the same system and anyone can join it (if you get some seats).

Furthermore, on v2.22.8.3 for Android WhatsApp is going to get a new update that reacts. But this feature is not available for iOS devices, according to WhatsApp this feature is still in a testing state.

There are going to be 6 different types of reactions WhatsApp Message Reactions to express the feeling. These feeling expressions are emojis in different variants which include, love, laugh, surprised, sad, and thanks.

However, this feature is not officially available for WhatsApp users and you need to wait. But the office testing is complete and you need to wait for a little longer (like a week or two weeks). For iOS users, it may take a little extra time because for them it’s still in the testing phase.

Many new updates are going to come in WhatsApp like Group Poll, Security Extension, and WhatsApp Message Reactions. Moreover, there might be chances that in the future the WhatsApp Messaging application will adapt more from Telegram. For example one of the most demanding requests is about increasing the size of WhatsApp Groups. If we get good luck then in upcoming months we will update about the increased size of the WhatsApp groups and many more amazing updates.

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