WhatsApp Multi-Device: How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices? (2022)

WhatsApp Multi-Device: How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices? (2022)
WhatsApp Multi-Device: How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices? (2022)

Do you use WhatsApp a lot and want to know a way to use it on multiple devices? If your answer is yes then this blog post might be helpful for you. In this update, WhatsApp comes with a new feature and it allows to use of WhatsApp on up to 4 devices. This update is quite a useful and productive feature come which is the WhatsApp Multi-Device update.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular social media out there with an extremely huge user base. Every second the WhatsApp developer trying to come up with something useful and interesting for their users. Well, they find a solution for the major or widely popular use of WhatsApp Multi-Device on more than one device.

As we know, previously user needs to keep WhatsApp Messenger on to use it on other devices. For example, if you are using WhatsApp Web then you need to keep your WhatsApp mobile keep connect and also turned on. But if you or your content get turned off then WhatsApp web automatically disconnects WhatsApp web and logs out from the server.

Now, imagine you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices without concern about the connection of Mobile WhatsApp or anything else? Well, it’s going to be true, and if you want to know how then keep reading our blog.

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WhatsApp Multi-Device and Connect Up to 4 Devices

WhatsApp Multi-Device: How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices? (2022)
WhatsApp Multi-Device: How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices? (2022)

This WhatsApp update was first introduced in late 2021 for only iOS devices. But after a few months, it’s available for all devices including WhatsApp for iOS and Android devices. If you still did not get this feature then download the latest version of WhatsApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

Now, to use the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature you need to open WhatsApp on other devices (Laptop, iPad, or Desktop). After that also open WhatsApp on your Mobile which provides you the Link Device option to connect with the Web.

Repeat this process with every device to which you want to connect and use WhatsApp in it. The feature of this update is that you did not need to connect again (until you log out or switch off that device).

The only left limitation of this update is that users need to have the latest version of WhatsApp at both ends for Calls. Like if you want to make a Video Call or Voice Call from your Desktop WhatsApp then the receiver needs to have the latest version of WhatsApp.


Did we miss anything about the WhatsApp latest update WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature? This is all about the WhatsApp update and the process to use this amazing feature. Now, we would like to hear from you if this feature is helpful for you?

Or maybe we did not know and you want to suggest this Multi-Device connection feature? Either way let me know your suggestion, views on this topic, and answers to my question in the comment section.