Does Your Spotify Keep Stopping? Here’s How to Fit it on Your Device

Does Your Spotify Keep Stopping? Here’s How to Fit it on Your Device

Spotify contains one of the largest numbers of songs in its database (people listen to them). Moreover, it’s not just the biggest music application in India but all over the globe. Spotify is a music streaming application that is also available on Android, iOS, Desktop, and Mac. Here you get the largest collection of songs along with Podcasts and many audio shows. But if you are having trouble and your Spotify keeps stopping this blog might be helpful for you.

Being a popular and big application is not an easy task for any application and the same goes for Spotify. For some time, Spotify users have been facing a problem where their songs stop playing randomly. This issue is causing a major problem for Android and iOS users where they get rand distribution.

Furthermore, it’s not just your internet connection but many other factors targeting this course. If you want to solve this randomly then keep reading this blog below you will get tips to solve this problem.

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Try These Tips If Your Spotify Keep Stopping

The issue of randomly stopping is quite common but it also becomes quite annoying for everyone. Furthermore, there are more than one reasons which can cause your Spotify. For example, it can be your internet, system crash, or device cache management. Below you will get to all these possible solutions and try to find out the real course. Yes, it’s going to be a little longer problem because of the common distribution of this cause.

#1. If you are using Spotify on your iOS or Android device then first open your settings. After opening your setting, find the Data Saving option of Spotify and turn it off. It is one of the major causes of Your Spotify Keep Stopping interruption become when Spotify thinks that the application is using too much internet then it stops the songs.

#2. Another big reason for your pleasant Spotify music listening interception is your internet. As we know, Spotify is a high-quality music streaming site where it has a good amount of internet for songs. Each song takes at least 5 megabytes to load and play smoothly and it downloads the full song at once.

To check your internet speed, you can use any broadband speed tracker. It will help you to check if the internet is the real problem or not for Spotify. Or many smartphones like Redmi, Vivo and other Chinese contain inbuilt internet speed measuring software.

#3. Last but not least option for solving Your Spotify Keep Stopping music problem is clearing cache or uninstalling and reinstalling. Or if you have a premium subscription to Spotify then you can download and listen offline to solve this problem (it’s the best of all).

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