YouTube Annual Subscription Plans for Premium and Music!


YouTube Annual Subscription Plans: YouTube officially released its new plans for both platforms along with a few changes. Moreover, YouTube Premium for official YouTube Video Streaming application and the same thing for YouTube Music. When the app started its career for free but now after a huge audience, it’s changing its policy.

Furthermore, the user needs to watch around 2 ads before even the start of the video and the time is also increasing. Some people predict that in future YouTube will become the next Netflix with its full subscription plans.

Well, currency only has monthly plans for those who want to remove the ads. Along with ads, some people will also get additional features. Now, after the monthly plast they are going to introduce their new Annual Plans. If you are one of those who want to remove ads cheaply then keep reading our blog.

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YouTube Annual Subscription

First thing first, the annual subscription is only available in a few countries. And you can read the name of the countries below, these countries have access to a new Annual subscription plan.

  1. India
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. Germany
  5. Japan
  6. Russia
  7. Thailand
  8. Turkey
  9. The United States.

The price of annual subscription Of YouTube Annual Subscriptions Indian Rupees are given available below:

  • Rs. 889 for YouTube Music Premium
  • Rs. 1,159 for Youtube Premium

If you notice that these prices are quite low and there is a reason behind that. Currently, because of the new launch of this program, a special offer is running. Moreover, the prices are additional to Google’s offer. However, it will end soon on 23rd January 2022.

YouTube Music: 

Rs. 109 for each month

Rs. 309 for every three months

Last and YouTube Annual Subscription Plans for Premium currently available for 9 countries – Rs. 889 for every year. However, this price will change soon and it’s unknown.

YouTube Premium: 

Rs. 139 for each month

Rs. 399 for every three months

Last and it’s currently available for 9 countries – Rs. 1159 for every year. However, this price will change soon and it’s unknown.

Benefits of YouTube Premium: 

If you purchase the YouTube premium then you get a number of advantages over other users. For example it allows you to watch ad-less videos which is quite helpful. Because every time the duration of those ads are increasing.

Furthemore, YouTube Annual Subscription YouTube Music users will get the permissions to download music offline. And on YouTube you can download videos at over 720p. Because of the premium feature, the 720p option is no longer available on YouTube.

This is all about the YouTube primum plans and upcoming changes in current plans. If you want to read more similar news then keep surfing on our website. Moreover, we also have a collection of applications which is free to download and more. Along with mobile applications we also provide software, application, gadgets, and gaming news.

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