YouTube Timed Reactions Feature Released: Now React with Emojis!

YouTube Timed Reactions Feature Released: Now React with Emojis!
YouTube Timed Reactions Feature Released: Now React with Emojis!

YouTube is going to launch a brand new feature that is going to make its interface more interesting. Till now there are only two options available to rate the video which is Like and Dislike. But not anymore because YouTube Timed Reactions Feature is coming to change the YouTube experience. In this blog, you will read about YouTube’s latest features and upcoming updates. 

YouTube Timed Reactions Feature is a great way to rate something, for example, reacting to a specific message on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Currently, YouTube is experimenting with new features to improve its user experience. In this experiment, they are adding a feature that allows users to react to videos. Moreover, you can even react to a specific moment in the video to express your feelings. 

You can imagine this feature in Instagram Storie’s reaction where you can react to stories. Yes, the same kind of features is coming to YouTube videos with a bit of variety. The point to keep note is that it is still an experiment and not in even beta. So, there might be some chances that it gets into the hands of regular users. Or even takes a long time to get into an official application. If you want to read more about Youtube Reactions then keep reading this blog. 

YouTube Timed Reactions Feature: Everything You Need to Know!

The news about this experiment is unveiled by Google itself on its official blog. They state that “we’re excited to start rolling out the timed reactions experiment today – “a new option to share a reaction (smiley face, confetti, etc.) at an exact moment in a video.” 

Furthermore, they add that “we heard such positive feedback about the timed comments beta feature (where you can add and view comments for specific moments in videos) that we wanted to test out similar features! We’re piloting the timed reactions experiment with a small number of channels to start.”

Well, you will not just be able to react but also see the reactions of other viewers. It’s quite a fun way to rate something we love and hate. For example, in a video, there are tons of moments and some of them are funny but also bad. 

So, how many emojis can you use in this reactions feature of YouTube? The answer to this question is 8 which include Laughing Face (wile tears in eyes), heard emojis, question mark, and many more. 

Furthermore, along with reaction features many more features are coming in the YouTube video player. There are already multiple, helpful, and productive features available but Google is Google. Recently they made changes in the caption and video quality of YouTube where 240p is not more than 240 and 360 become like 720p. 

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