Google New Feature: Delete Last 15 Min of Search History!

Google New Feature: Delete Last 15 Min of Search History!
Google New Feature: Delete Last 15 Min of Search History!

Get yourself ready for a brand new feature for all android devices in 2022. Recently Google announced that they are going to release a new feature for history management. This new feature will allow users to delete the history of the last 15 minutes or you can say a short time.

Furthermore, this announcement is only for Android devices because this feature is already available for iOS. Yes, it’s been a year since the 15 minutes history delete got added into the iOS Google application.

The news of this update is spotted by one of the biggest internet magazines, The Verge. Moreover, the fact is that it takes almost a year to louch the same feature in Android devices. Well, if you want to know more about this latest update and how to use it then keep reading our blog.

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Google New Feature: Delete last 15 Min of Search History!

According to Google, many factors cause this feature on Android devices. But, in the end, it is now available on all Google devices or you can say Google Android application.

So, to check if this feature is available on your device you need to install the latest version of Google. To do that, first, open your Google Play Store and then search Google application. After that click on Google where you will also find the option of Update instead of Install. Moreover, it will take only a few minutes or sometimes seconds (depending on your internet connection) to download or update the application.

Moreover, when you are sure that you have the latest application then open your Google application. It’s time to test out the latest feature or you can say playing or productivity tool we get from Google.

First this first, open your Google application and then go to your profile picture. After clicking on the profile picture, you will get to see a list of options that help you with productivity. Moreover, if you have the latest version of Google then one of these options will be “Delete last 15 min history.”

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Google App Info?

Are you facing a problem where a specific type of application is not able to install on your android device? If you do, then this tip might help you to overcome this installation problem. Google is coming up with many features which are helpful in multiple ways and one of these features is Google Play OS.

This feature will help you to check the minimum version of Google or Android to install that specific application. These days, to improve the quality of the application come up with a new tech recipe. Where the specific version of Google is necessary to install an application on your android device.

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