Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie Feature Available on Android and iOS!

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie Feature Available on Android and iOS!
Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie Feature Available on Android and iOS!

There are many online meeting or communication applications available online and Microsoft Teams is one of them. Microsoft always comes up with something new and interesting to improve its application. This time they develop some changes and features on mobile versions of their application. The feature is Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie feature and it’s available for all mobile platforms.

Furthermore, this feature is live on Android devices for a long time but not on iOS. But after the current update, it’s available on each platform including iOS. So, what’s this Walkie Talkie feature and use? If you want to know more about this feature, its use, and its process to activate then keep reading the blog.

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What is Walkie Talkie Feature in Microsoft Teams? 

It is a brand new feature for all regular Microsoft Teams users including Android, iOs, and web applications. This feature, as you can understand but its name Walkie Talkie helps to communicate with other users. In other words, its purpose of the use is to communicate with others at the workplace and share information.

Here is an official statement by the creators of this feature: “with Walkie Talkie in Teams, frontline workers can now securely communicate with a familiar PTT experience without needing to carry bulky radios, and Walkie Talkie works anywhere with WiFi or cellular internet connectivity.”

Furthermore, this Walkie Talkie feature is even available on Zebra Mobiles. What is a Zebra Mobile device? It is a type of device or smartphone type which is made for workers. It helps in calculating the prize, locating, and inventory of that product. Zebra devices are also helpful for delivery services because they take proof delivery.

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How to Use the Walkie feature? 

First, you do not have to worry about the type of internet network you are using. Because the Microsoft Walkie Talkie feature is available for all types of networks. It is helpful in communication with others in a workplace on the same channels. Moreover, it comes with a push-to-talk feature and is only available on Microsoft Teams. This feature comes in handy if you want multiple voices or sounds at once. The Push-to-Talk feature allows only one person to talk at a time and if you want to talk then you have to wait.

One final note, this feature helps users to communicate while working or on the field. For quiet side group communication, this feature is quite helpful and productive. Moreover, you need to create a channel and only users of that channel can communicate with each other.

Teams can create different channels to boost productivity for their users. However, this feature is not for everyone but everyone can use this Walkie Talkie feature.

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