How to do the “Nationality Challenge on Instagram”?

How to do the “Nationality Challenge on Instagram”?
How to do the “Nationality Challenge on Instagram”?

On the internet, there is always something new and interesting that goes viral and becomes a trend. In order to become users also need to follow these trends to become popular on that platform. The current trend is the Nationality Challenge on Instagram which is quite interesting. After the launch of short video features, these trends have also become a major part of social life on the internet.

Furthermore, Instagram is currently on the top of these challenges with its brand new feature Reels. In this Nationality Challenge, as you can understand by its name this is going about your country. Challenges include creating a video and showing special things about your country. Moreover, in this challenge you explain or show the difference in colour, language, and other factors. If you also want to keep with the current and make some viral videos on Nationality Challenge then keep reading the blog.

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What is the Nationality Challenge on Instagram? 

Challenges are the best way to become viral on the internet and earn followers quickly. To challenge users to need to create or shoot the video doing that specific challenge. Well, in the Nationality Challenge you need to collect and show attires from different parts of the world. After that, you will arrange those items to make the video interesting or unique. For example, you can use different cousins or dresses from different countries.

However, it sounds like a lot of work, especially when it comes to collecting different attire. It becomes more fun and easy when you have some international friends. If you do not have one then why not try to make one? Do you want to know other easier ways to do this Nationality Challenge on Instagram?

You can use the FacePlay Application to wear an AI dress or some other cosmetics. Moreover, because of this challenge FacePlay already has a plethora of add-ons and templates available. You can download this application on your smartphone which is available on both operating systems.

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How to Complete the Challenge?

In this section of the blog, you will learn about the easiest but most effective way to complete the Nationality Challenge on the Instagram challenge. To begin you need to install the FacePlay application on your smartphone. foreplay and its special AI features help users to wear a virtual dress and also jewellery. Moreover, it’s free and available for both platforms.

Furthermore, there are multiple templates available in the app and you just need to click to wear that outfit. To make the video more interesting try to change your outfit in different time intervals. For example, choose any 5 countries and wear them in different time sets. And in the end, wear an outfit that represents your nation.

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