Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check

Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check
Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check

Have you ever noticed which permissions you are allowing your applications on android and iOS devices? Well, if not then you need to learn about it before permitting them to do anything with your device. Most of the permissions can cause great harm to your device and your privacy. For example access to your camera, microphone, location, and much more. In this blog post, you will read about 5 Smartphone App Permissions you need to check before allowing them.

These tips give you in-depth knowledge about app permissions and why they need them (most of them are unnecessary like calculators). Additionally, by giving too many permissions you are risking your Smartphone’s health. Below you will read about the most dangerous type of app permissions on android and iOS devices.

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What are Smartphone App Permissions?

First thing first, before diving into some harmful permissions, you should know what App Permissions You Need to Check are and why they are important? Well, on all smartphones applications need permissions to work them and store data. If you gave the required permission to that particular app then it did not work.

For example, in Whatsapp, if you do not give it the Camera and Microphone permission then you are not able to do a video call or audio call. The same goes for other applications like Google Maps, truecaller, video apps like VLC Media Player, and many more.

Whenever an application asks you for permission then you have three different options. The first one is to Deny or you can cancel it, the season is Allow it, and the last one is Allow, Only while using the Application. In most cases, the last option is “Allow Online while using the application.”

In an application like Maps “Only Using the application” is the best option but in Whatsapp “Allow” is better. Well, now you can see permission depending on the application and use.

Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check

Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check
Tip & Tricks: 5 Smartphone App Permissions You Need to Check

#01. Microphone

Now, we have one of the most common, widely allowed, essential App Permissions You Need to Check. Because almost every app needs the Microphone to work properly. For example, voice recorder to record audio through the mic, google to search with your mic, WhatsApp for call and many more.

However, there are still many apps that do not need a Microphone and are just for improper use. Some applications like wallpaper and games want microphone permission. Do you think they need this permission? Well, for the actual purpose they do not but if they want to steal your information then yes!

The fact is there are hundreds of games and apps on Google Play Store (also on the App Store) asking for Microphone access for the wrong purpose. Next time if an app asks for such a type of permission then only allow “Only while using the app” or deny it if you think it’s unnecessary.

#02. SMS

Here is good news for iPhone users because they are vaccinated against this disease (just kidding) or App Permissions You Need to Check. However, in many android applications, they ask for SMS permission and use it to steal information from your device. The microphone in some apps also asks for SMS permission which is quite unnecessary.

This permission allows the application to read, send, and receive SMS from your device. It is quite sensitive if a third person reads your SMS and can use the information for a bad purpose. Many legit applications like Whatsapp and Wynk ask for permission to read the OTP of your device and proceed to the next step without inputting it manually.

However, along with legitimate applications you also find some fake applications on Google Play Store. Their main purpose is not to solve your problem but to steal your personal information. If you think the application might run without this permission then allow and disable it after use.

#03. Location

What happens when you allow or give Location permission to any application? It will reveal your broad location or you can say the app administrator can track your location. However, Location is still one of the most useful along with sensitive applications. Many applications need this to function properly but you these App Permissions You Need to Check properly.

For example, Google Maps needs your location to give the shortest route possible and save your time. In games, Pokemon Go needs a location to give you pokemon according to your location. Also in Whatsapp when you share your real-time location with your content – “You Need to Allow Location Permission”

As we know, many applications ask for unnecessary, but the location is one of the most sensitive permissions. So, from next time before allowing Location Permission, check if that needs that permission. Like many weather apps, you need your location but you can Disney it and put your location manually – it’s safer this way because it is one time, not real-time.

#04. Camera

Camera Permission is quite confusing among users because why does a game need a camera or what will it steal with the camera? Well, camera permission is as sensitive as your Microphone because it can steal your personal information. However, like any other sensitive permission, it is also quite important and needs to be given many applications.

Where Camera permission is necessary? First, in all Video call applications like Meet, Zoom, or Whatsapp. Also alternative camera permission for Photo Shoot or phone editor (simply who need a camera).

The Camera permissions are sensitive because they can read text on your screen which can include code or something important. To put it simply, only allow Camera to your regular or preinstalled apps.

#05. Contacts

Last permission but not least on this list of App Permissions You Need to Check is Contacts permission. Some applications ask for Contacts permission to read your contact list. Well, it is one of the most important permissions if you want to use applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, or other social media that use phone numbers.

If they do not get your contact number then they can’t find them in their database. However, it’s also quite easy for many applications to abuse Contacts information. Some bad applications can steal your contacts and sell them for a good price. Well, you do not get direct harm from this problem but it will cause harm in the long.

So, tell your friends about these permissions to save themself, and contacts. Let me know in the comment section what you think about it and how many of them you already know?

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